Back facial Treatment - €45

45 mins

The back is often a neglected area of the body because we can not see our own back, it`s hard to reach and to clean or moisturise properly.

Our Back facial treatment begins with customized cleansing, toning, exfoliating which removes dead skin cells and helps to clear-out clogged pores, so this treatment prevents you from getting blackheads and back pimples. We then use a serum to nourish the skin, followed by a therapeutic mask.

It can treat acne, remove impurities, dryness and itchiness while providing a deep moisturizing treatment.

We then follow up with a relaxing back and shoulder massage, which is hydrating and deeply moisturizing.

This soothing treatment leaves you feel fresh and relaxed, your back feels and looks softer, hydrated, smoother and brighter with a healthy glow.