Traditional Ear Candle is a gentle and safe Holistic treatment for wellbeing.

With a magical scent of honey, sage & chamomile, it combats stress & deeply relaxes all of your senses.

It is an alternative remedy that is used to draw out impurities and wax from the inner ear

Ear Candles are typically about 10 inches long, hollow and tapered. 

Treatment involves lying on your side and a candle is inserted into the ear. A plastic mould acts as a over to prevent wax from dripping onto the face, neck or hair.

Once the candle and covering is secure, the candle is lit for 10-15 mins. Wax does not go into the ear during this treatment.

Benefits of Ear Candling

Removes wax, bacteria & other debris from the ear canal

Can help Treat Sinus Infections

Improves hearing or reversing hearing loss

Relieves sore throats

Treats colds & flus

Relieves headaches & migraines

Improves mental clarity

Improves Lymphatic Circulation

Helps reduce pain related to jaw aches & temporomandibular disorders

Helps reduce Vertigo 

Time 45 mins -  €40